Professionally Offended


Reflecting on the past week, it is not difficult to conclude that it has been anything but dull. I have been fortunate enough to find topics worth addressing in the near future, and from the perspective of a man trying to write, this is a good thing. On that note there are several folks who have requested I represent specific topics, to which I intend to oblige. If you are reading this and are one of those people, I will cover these topics as time and inspiration allow. This of course alludes to the fact that some people have been actually reading the blog. Not necessarily the people I expected would, but that is beside the point. Few souls brave enough to comment so far, but I am confident that the feedback I am receiving through other channels will eventually transform into the dialogue on the site I am hoping for.

I have also cautiously entered the Twittersphere this week. This alone is hardly worth discussing in any detail, but let it suffice to say that despite my reservations about the vapidity of social media in general and Twitter in particular, I cannot deny the utility represented if one wishes to get a message out rapidly. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks, and I intend to incorporate and develop the techniques associated with that platform. For the record, in my first attempted “Tweet” I generated a pretty passionate response to the content, which provoked a passionate dialogue, and this I choose to view as promising…

The meme I broke the ice with was “Anti-Racist is code for Anti-White #TheTriggering.” This of course is a hard phrase for many , and in particular the social justice warrior (SJW), to absorb without being “triggered” into falling directly onto their swords against perceived racism. This was actually the point, #TheTriggering is a hashtag created by Lauren Southern to serve such a purpose in the name of free speech. Regarding its genesis, she states:

“In September last year, I came up with an idea. What if there was a day solely dedicated to annoying cultural authoritarians across the world? What if we all came together and collectively posted offensive content in defense of free speech? A day when media feminists and social justice warriors would be triggered 69 times a second – a day of ‘Triggering’, if you will.

I jokingly tweeted out my master plan, not expecting anything to come of it. However, a screenshot of the tweet was shared all over Facebook and other realms of social media.

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. With threats to our freedom of expression coming thick and fast both online and in the real world, I knew we had to go through with it….We will not let our liberty perish at the hands of the professionally offended.”

“The Triggering: A powerful defense of free speech against the professionally offended” is her full summary of the inspiration and intent of the hashtag, and is available at International Business Times, if you are interested. #TheTriggering was a dominant force on Twitter for several days, and it was great to see people vent their frustration with political correctness in a fashion that caught media attention. Of course the media, in an effort to downplay the hashtags social significance and maintain the establishment narrative that the media invariably always represents, has largely chose to represent #TheTriggering as a movement for bigots and racists.

This is why the meme I chose to represent my personal frustration with SJW culture was “Anti-racist is code for anti-White.” This is a phrase that has established itself in certain social media circles, and you guessed it, has been branded racist by the media. Apparently only non-white people are allowed to suggest they experience racism in any fashion. To offer an argument to the contrary must be racist! I won’t bother articulating the ways racism against whites is tolerated in this country. My suspicion is you know exactly what I am referring to, and if you don’t I would imagine you are too invested in defending whatever protected victim status you represent to hear my argument. Let it suffice to say that when reflecting on my life experiences to date, anti-white racism is alive and well.

Despite my frustration with this particular issue, as I suggested it was a good week. I am constantly reminded of the importance of tribe and family in these matters. While it is easy to get sucked into the maelstrom of social media chaos, coverage of the 2016 elections, Chicago’s recent display of superb class, Fukushima, rising global military tensions, Bruce Jenner’s sexual identity crises, etc. ad infinitum, one must remember that the people geographically closest to you in life are the ones that will hopefully be there if this house of cards finally comes down. Tomorrow is never a guarantee, and without tribe we don’t amount to much. I am fortunate to have an awesome family and friends that are actually worth a shit under duress.

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